Major renovations

Renovations hold a special place for our company. We believe residential projects are not only about transforming an existing structure, but also about representing the perfect balance between preserving architectural heritage and subtly integrating modern upgrades.

Each project is a unique opportunity to weave the past and present together, revitalize spaces and breathe new life into an existing building while looking at it through a modern lens. These projects require advanced technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of heritage conservation regulations.

Habikon has a acquired a solid reputation as a general contractor. We can guide you through every step as you stride toward achieving your vision: optimizing your project work schedule, saving you time, assisting you in obtaining the necessary materials at the best price, reviewing your budget to avoid overspending, and increasing the appeal and resale value of your residential property.

Addition of a storey

More and more people are opting to add a storey to their house. This type of renovation makes it possible to upgrade a more traditional residential property and can take many forms, each of which requires advanced technical knowledge.

Home expansion

Enlarging your den or adding a front porch may be the upgrade you need to brighten up your home or breathe new life into your living space.

Complete transformation

A complete home transformation is a nice alternative to building a new house. This type of work involves a thorough technical analysis of the existing structure and an in-depth understanding of municipal regulations and the characteristics of your lot.

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