The success of a construction project rests on effective planning. Habikon carries out an in-depth analysis of your project, in addition to handling the design and planning work. As a result, you are able to make sound decisions at every phase.

Through our collaborative and anticipatory approach, we seek to integrate all the actors required prior to starting work. We want to provide you with a realistic view of your project by weighing your needs, budget and every other parameter involved. Habikon is committed to ensuring the viability of your project and exploring every solution to help you attain your objectives.

Feasibility study

We aim at fully understanding your project and analyzing each parameter to be certain the right decisions are made. During this phase, we conduct an exhaustive assessment of the technical, financial and regulatory aspects of your project.

Design, plans & permits

We gather a team of experienced professionals to develop your plans and help you obtain the necessary permits. From the outset, we work collaboratively to clearly define the project design, logistics and timeline.

Quote assessment

We place our expertise at your disposal to help you compare quotes so that you can make the best choices.

Turnkey solution & flexibility

Although we propose turnkey solutions, we are also able to intervene at any phase of the construction process. It does not matter if the work on your project has already started, you are only seeking a second opinion or you simply wish to discuss specific points of your project plans, you will always find an attentive ear with us.

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